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Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles: Episode III: Attack of the Jedi poster
Negara: USA , Denmark , China
Release: Nov 27, 2013
Gelombang perang telah berubah. Plot Darth Sidious 'untuk membuat tentara SITH KLON telah gagal,... Lihat Detail
First Sword of Wudang poster
Negara: China
Release: Apr 13, 2021
During the late Ming dynasty, a time when the nation faced enemies externally and within, the young ... Lihat Detail
Demon Hunter Yan Chixia poster
Negara: China
Release: Mar 20, 2021
Ni Chang poster
Negara: China
Release: Apr 20, 2021
A story that follows Xie Xiaoni, the daughter of a silk merchant who loses her family due to a consp... Lihat Detail
Investiture of the Gods: The Battle of Ten Thousand Immortals poster
Negara: China
Release: Apr 30, 2021
At the end of the Yin Shang Dynasty, King Zhou was tyrannical and the people were in desperate strai... Lihat Detail
The Queen of Kung Fu poster
Negara: China
Release: Dec 02, 2020
Set in the Republic of China, Axi has extraordinary skill in Kung Fu. After being sold to work at a ... Lihat Detail
Douluo Continent poster
Negara: China
Release: Feb 05, 2021
Having lost his mother at a very young age, Tang San grew up relying on his father just as much as h... Lihat Detail
Legend of Fei poster
Negara: China
Release: Dec 16, 2020
Several years ago, the emperor secretly ordered the hero Li Hui to form a mountain stronghold consis... Lihat Detail
Dragon poster
Negara: Hong Kong , China
Release: Jul 04, 2011
Seorang ahli seni bela diri berdosa ingin memulai hidup tenang baru, hanya untuk diburu oleh seorang... Lihat Detail
奇妙的命运呀 poster
Negara: China
Release: Apr 30, 2021
Li Fu Zhu, 19 years-old girl who loves reading comic books accidentally travel into the world of her... Lihat Detail
John Wick poster
Negara: USA , China
Release: Oct 22, 2014
Setelah kematian mendadak istri tercinta, John Wick menerima satu hadiah terakhir dari dia, anak anj... Lihat Detail
Bloody Romance poster
Negara: China
Release: Jul 24, 2018
A story about a young woman who was exploited in the past, having gone through hell and back to beco... Lihat Detail
Sword of Destiny poster
Negara: China
Release: Mar 30, 2021
The peerless swordsmith, Meng Yezi, suffered the calamity of family extermination from the traitor Z... Lihat Detail
The Last Witch Hunter poster
Negara: USA , China , Canada
Release: Oct 21, 2015
Dunia modern memegang banyak rahasia, tapi sejauh ini yang paling mengejutkan adalah bahwa penyihir ... Lihat Detail
Moonshine and Valentine poster
Negara: China
Release: May 09, 2018
Guan Pi Pi lives a quiet life until a mysterious man named Helan Jing Ting appears. Jing Ting is bli... Lihat Detail
Monster Hunter poster
Negara: Germany , Canada , China , USA , Japan
Release: Dec 03, 2020
A portal transports Lt. Artemis and an elite unit of soldiers to a strange world where powerful mons... Lihat Detail
Really Meet Love That Day poster
Negara: China
Release: Jan 18, 2021
Li Tian Zhen, a newcomer in the workplace with the dream of an architect, and the talented designer ... Lihat Detail
Ping Mo Ce: The Red Sword of Eternal Love poster
Negara: China
Release: Feb 25, 2021
Five years ago a Western virus swept the Central Plains, transforming people into bloodthirsty monst... Lihat Detail
Wish Dragon poster
Negara: China , USA
Release: Jan 15, 2021
Din, a working-class college student, and Long, a cynical but all-powerful dragon capable of grantin... Lihat Detail
The Rational Life poster
Negara: China
Release: Mar 31, 2021
Shen Ruo Xin is a thirty-something professional who decides to take a stand against unfair societal ... Lihat Detail
Fifty Shades Darker poster
Negara: USA , China
Release: Feb 08, 2017
Ketika Christian Grey terluka mencoba untuk menarik berhati-hati Ana Steele kembali ke dalam hidupny... Lihat Detail
Fake Bodyguard poster
Negara: China
Release: Mar 26, 2021
The Mermaid poster
Negara: China
Release: Feb 08, 2016
Sebuah taipan bisnis playboy, Liu Xuan, pembelian Hijau Teluk, suaka margasatwa, untuk proyek reklam... Lihat Detail