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In the Name of the King III poster
Negara: Canada , Germany , Pakistan
Release: Dec 27, 2013
Hazen Kaine, seorang pembunuh bayaran Amerika yang tinggal di Sofia, Bulgaria, mendapat lebih dari d... Lihat Detail
Teefa In Trouble poster
Negara: Pakistan , India
Release: Jul 20, 2018
Teefa in Trouble is an upcoming Pakistani romantic action comedy film.... Lihat Detail
A Wedding poster
Release: Feb 22, 2017
Zahira, 18, is close to her family until her parents ask her to follow Pakistani tradition to choose... Lihat Detail
Sherdil poster
Negara: Pakistan
Release: Mar 22, 2019
SherDil follows it's lead character Haris Mustafa, as he journeys from the academy to becoming a Flt... Lihat Detail
Beloved poster
Negara: Pakistan
Release: Sep 08, 2016
Kisah seorang gadis Pakhtun yang kembali dari Kanada untuk menghadiri pernikahan sepupunya di Swat, ... Lihat Detail
Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor poster
Negara: Pakistan
Release: Feb 02, 2018
Set in the northern regions of Pakistan, the story follows Allahyar, a young and mischievous boy who... Lihat Detail
Load Wedding poster
Negara: Pakistan
Release: Aug 24, 2018
A young man gets married before his older sister leaving her bitter, jealous, and without a proper d... Lihat Detail
Save poster
Negara: Pakistan
Release: Jul 14, 2016
Seorang gadis India yang ceria Aalia dalam masalah dipaksa oleh keadaan untuk menempatkan kepercayaa... Lihat Detail
Motorcycle Girl poster
Negara: Pakistan
Release: Apr 20, 2018
Based on the boundary-breaking motorcycle journeys of Zenith Irfan who, at 20 years of age, is the f... Lihat Detail
Towers of Silence poster
Negara: Pakistan
Release: Jan 01, 1975
Tells a story of a Pakistani boy's experience and obsession with death and the Zoroastrian rituals o... Lihat Detail
The Blood of Hussain poster
Negara: Pakistan , UK
Release: Aug 16, 1980
A dramatic depiction of the life of Hussain, with allegorical references to the history of the Proph... Lihat Detail
Actor in Law poster
Negara: Pakistan
Release: Sep 08, 2016
An aspiring actor (Fahad Mustafa) succumbs to pressure from his father (Om Puri) and takes up the ro... Lihat Detail
Moor poster
Negara: Pakistan
Release: Aug 14, 2015
A village station master stuck in time - rediscovers his love for his wife through a journey of self... Lihat Detail
Cher and the Loneliest Elephant poster
Negara: Cambodia , Pakistan , UK , USA
Release: Apr 22, 2021
"The World's Loneliest Elephant" Kaavan will finally experience freedom, thanks to his biggest champ... Lihat Detail
Pinky Memsaab poster
Release: Dec 13, 2018
The lives of a gullible maid; a beautiful socialite; an ambitious investment banker and a happy go l... Lihat Detail
Malcolm is a Little Unwell poster
Negara: Denmark , Greece , Pakistan , UK
Release: Jan 08, 2019
Charts the descent into madness of veteran foreign correspondent Malcolm Brabant after a routine yel... Lihat Detail
Churails poster
Negara: Pakistan
Release: Aug 11, 2020
Four women set up an undercover detective agency to expose philandering husbands.... Lihat Detail
Sitara: Let Girls Dream poster
Negara: Pakistan , USA
Release: Sep 23, 2019
Pari, a 14-year-old girl, dreams of becoming a pilot while growing up in a society that doesn’t al... Lihat Detail
Black Lake poster
Negara: Pakistan , UK
Release: Feb 28, 2020
Aarya leaves her family in the city to pursue her passion for the arts. She is gifted a red scarf, a... Lihat Detail
Drone poster
Negara: Norway , Pakistan , USA
Release: Apr 10, 2014
Drone adalah sebuah film dokumenter tentang perang drone CIA rahasia. Melalui suara di kedua sisi te... Lihat Detail
Maalik poster
Negara: Pakistan
Release: Apr 08, 2016
The story of Maalik has four principal tracks. A family that escapes from the ravages of the Soviet ... Lihat Detail
Balu Mahi poster
Negara: Pakistan
Release: Feb 10, 2017
Balu Mahi is an upcoming 2017 Pakistani romantic comedy film directed by Haissam Hussain and produce... Lihat Detail
Punjab Nahin Jaungi poster
Negara: Pakistan
Release: Aug 31, 2017
Pakistani film by Nadeem Bayg starring Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat... Lihat Detail
Jinnah poster
Negara: UK , Pakistan
Release: Nov 07, 1998
Biografi Mohammed Ali Jinnah, pendiri Pakistan modern diberitahu melalui kilas balik saat jiwanya me... Lihat Detail